Show Manager

Rally the troops with an effective, professional show manager. 

Show Secretary

Points tracking, finances, reporting - our industry knowledge and strict attention to detail ensure accuracy every time.

Additional Staffing

In addition to the manager and secretary, we can provide personable, capable staff in the office and in the show pen.

Online Stall & Camping Reservations

Allow your exhibitors to quickly and easily submit reservations for your event.  You can even collect payment information or accept credit cards via PayPal or Square.

Online Pre-Entries

Make a positive impression on your exhibitors right out of the gate! Our intelligent pre-entry forms allow for a streamlined check-in process and decreases show office traffic on those vital first few days.


Looking for that wow factor? Ask us how these services can benefit your event!

  • Annual exhibitor pre-verification program, EKG Verified (applies to circuits only)
  • Exhibitor text alerts
  • Event livestream

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