EKG Verified

EKG Verified is a pre-verification program being offered to Ranch Horse Association of Michigan exhibitors in 2018. This program allows you to submit all your horse and exhibitor paperwork – Certificates of Eligibility, membership cards, etc. ahead of the first show and only ONE TIME. Once you’re Verified, you’re set for the season!*  

 2018 Open Enrollment is closed. If you missed the deadline, you will still have the option to submit your documents through the online pre-entry system (see below). 

Reserve stalls & camping

Reserve online - it's a breeze! Simply fill in your basic info and your desired number of stalls and camping spots and hit submit. The form will even calculate your total for you! Payment will be made at the show or you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Online pre-entries

Save yourself valuable time when you arrive and enter for your classes online! Our online form is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to complete – especially if you’ve previously submitted your paperwork and are EKG Verified. After submitting, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your class selections for your records. And of course, you always have the opportunity to add or drop classes at check in. 


    September show       Aug. 21 - Sept. 3

    Midwest Classic        Oct. 1 - 14

More info

Access showbills, patterns, and other information as it becomes available.  

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